Welcome to Crystal Thermotech Private Limited

With a tradition steeped in integrity and professionalism, resulting in a successful pas and a promising future Crystal Thermotech Limited is the group’s first step in fulfilling that promise to its customers around the world , producing high quality Disposable product , Wooden polymer composite (WPC) , Protective packaging material EXPANDED POLYETHLENE FOAM (EPE FOAM), EXPANDED POLYURETHENEFOAM (PU FOAM) and best sleeping comfort Mattresses .
We ar an ISO ______ CERTIFIED COMPANY COMMITED TO CATERING THE CLIENTS EXACT QUALITY Demands and with a passion for manufacturing in line with international quality parameters.


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Call: +0657-2229949

Email: crystalthermotech@gmail.com
Web: www.crystal.net.in

Location: 01/01 1st Floor,Awas Crystal, Road No.-1,Contractors Area
Bistupur-831001 Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

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