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Welcome to the world of Crystal Thermotech Limited.

Crystal brings convenience at your disposal with its versatile range of Crystal Disposable Tableware. Lightweight but Strong and economical but presentable has made Crystal disposable Tablewarea must for every occasion. Their thermal property gives them the extra edge over other serving options. Moreover its User-friendly designs, environment friendly and pocket friendly nature makes Crystal disposable a must for everyday use in parties, picnic, canteens, small and large gatherings.

So go ahead make that serving special with Crystal Disposables.

Crystal group of Industries strongly believes in supporting the green revolution and save trees, to do the same we have started manufacturing wood polymer composite (WPC) products such as WPC BOARD,PVC FOAM BOARD & DOOR FRAME/CHAUKHAT of various size and thickness by European machine with full automize technology to make the best quality products.

The products is the perfect replacement of wood and plywood. It is manufactured with high quality wood polywood composite which is naturally termite and water proof, fire retardant, longlife, Eco friendly and not only 100% LEAD FREE but also completely healthy, safe & non-toxic.

It is easy to cut, screw/nail & saw as you do with wood plywood & completely carpenter friendly product.

Our Products

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Kitchen Carcass/Shutters

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Bathroom Vanities

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Interior Decorator Partition

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Office Modular Furniture

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Exterior Application

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House Hold Furniture

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Shuttering Boards

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Air Conditioning Duct

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Door Frame/Chaukath

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False Ceiling

Foam Cups

4 CP Square Plate

Foam Cups

Oval Bowl

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Round Comparmental

Foam Bowl

Large Dona

Foam Lunch Box

Big Bowl

Sandwitch Box

Small Dona

Poultry Tray

12 Inch Round Plate

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9 Inch Round Plate

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